Creative new ideas and perfect planning in custom designed solutions are our strong points in this business field. Close communication with our customer is guaranteed. The feasibility study of the design, selection of best supplier and best performing price quotation are the first steps. After tooling order the 'hot' phase is starting with CAD-concept, drawing approval and prototype preparation. After the prototypes have passed successfully through testing the entire series is ready for production.
Below you can find a selection of creative customized solutions:


Ralf Helfenstein
Manager Quality & IT
Senior Engineer

Custom Module with PCB

FSTN transflective with white LED Backlight and SPI
Resolution 360 x 128

Glass with FPC

Technology HTN, transflective with white & blue LED Backlight
Fullgraphic type with wide Temperature range

LCD Module COB

Technology ASTN with DC/DC and Temp. comp
Backlight white LED's and wide Temperature range

Panel with 2x COG (> 800Seg.)

Technology FSTN with 2-Part Lightguider, Heater & Temp.-Sensor.
Backlight white LED's & wide Temperature range